On April 1, 1909, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Henson along with seven other charter members organized Scott Memorial, the first black Methodist Episcopal Church in Michigan. It was proposed that the new church be named for Bishop Isaiah B. Scott, one of the first black bishops of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

In 1914, a house located on Beacon Street in Detroit was purchased and converted into a suitable place of worship for Scott Memorial. Later, a lot was purchased on Beaubien Street and a new church building was constructed on the site in August 1914.

In the early ‘20s, Scott Memorial was one of the leading churches in Detroit and became known as the “Mother Church” after giving birth to Berea, Second Grace and St. Paul Methodist Episcopal churches.

In October 1929, Scott Memorial moved into a new church home located at 609 East Kirby where the membership blossomed. Due to this exponential growth, a new building located at 10372 West Chicago Boulevard in Detroit was identified and purchased to accommodate the growing congregation. The building was valued at $800,000; however, through the tireless work of the pastor and key members, and the grace of God, Scott Memorial purchased the building for $1.00.

In 1968, the Methodist Church and the Evangelical United Brethen Church merged creating the United Methodist Church. Scott Memorial changed its name to Scott Memorial United Methodist Church (UMC) in order to reflect its new denominational affiliation.

In 2001, Scott Memorial UMC experienced a devastating fire that completely destroyed the sanctuary and ultimately led to the facility being demolished. God’s grace abounded and the church began to hold worship services with Calvary United Methodist Church and later with Redford United Methodist Church, while searching for a new facility.

On December 1, 2005, another building was purchased and Scott Memorial UMC relocated to its current edifice at 15361 Plymouth Road in Detroit.

Founding Members

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey F. Henson (children)

Mr. and Mrs. Newbly

Mr. and Mrs. Cabiness

Mrs. Alice Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Mae


Pastoral Legacy of Scott Memorial United Methodist Church

1909 – 1910     Rev. J.H. Payne
1910 – 1911     Rev. W.O. Calvest
1911 – 1912     Rev. B.F. Smith
1912 – 1913     Rev. J.H. Payne
1913 – 1914     Rev. B.W. Kirtley
1914 – 1918     Rev. H.B. Mays
1918 – 1921     Rev. S.H. Sweeney
1921 – 1923     Rev. G.G. Buckner
1923 – 1925     Rev. G.R. Bryant
1925 – 1931     Rev. B.F. Smith
1931 – 1932     Rev. J.B. Robinson
1932 – 1938     Rev. E.W. Kelly
1938 – 1945     Rev. H.M. Carroll
1945 – 1948     Rev. W.H. Williams
1948 – 1952     Rev. D.P. Young
1952 – 1961     Rev. Alfred Clay
1961 – 1969     Rev. C.T.R. Nelson
1969 – 1977     Rev. Dr. Donald Scavella
1977 – 1980     Rev. George Rice
1980 – 1987     Rev. Dr. Quincy Cooper
1987 – 1992     Rev. Dr. Anthony Shipley
1992 – 2001     Rev. Dr. Andrew Allie
2001 – 2005     Rev. Joyce E. Wallace
2005 – 2016     Rev. Dr. Anthony Hood
 2016 – present   Rev. Cornelius Davis


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